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Detector Inspector
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Detector Inspector?

About Us

Detector Inspector is a dedicated safety and compliance company. We specialise in the installation and maintenance of residential and commercial safety solutions. Detector Inspector offers a wide range of services, including smoke alarm maintenance, essential services, gas safety and electrical services.

  • Smoke Alarms: Detector Inspector was first established in early 2005 when the need for a smoke alarm service was identified by real estate agents. We complement our smoke alarm servicing with the installation of new smoke detectors and the replacement of faulty smoke detectors or smoke detectors with expired guarantees. Read more

  • Gas Services: Detector Inspector Gas Services was created in response to Energy Safe Victoria’s recommendation for landlords to have their gas heaters and gas hot water systems serviced every two years. We seek to protect tenants from the dangers of carbon monoxide whilst helping agents and landlords fulfil their responsibilities. Read more

  • Essential Services: Our Essential Services company provides peace of mind to owners, managers and tenants of residential, commercial and industrial property, ensuring that all essential safety measures are compliant with relevant regulations. Read more

  • Electrical Services: Detector Inspector Electrical Services provides our customers with a wide variety of electrical products and a wealth of experience. Our services range from simple electrical work to more complex jobs. Read more

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide a responsible, comprehensive and excellent service which is structured with the occupant’s safety as our number one goal, while protecting managing agents and landlords from possible litigation.

Our Work

With safety our number one goal, professionalism is at the forefront of our organisation. We ensure that all services will be carried out professionally and in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Our People

Our dedicated team offers widespread experience in a broad range of trades and skills. Our staffs’ expertise ranges from qualified electricians, gasfitters and fire safety specialists. Our highly qualified technicians all undergo comprehensive training and are committed to providing a convenient, safe and exceptional service.

Our Recommendations

Detector Inspector is recommended by many leading Real Estate Agencies. Please view our testimonial page to read some recommendations.