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What is Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is a colourless, odourless, toxic flammable gas. When consumed it reduces your blood’s ability to carry oxygen through the body, causing rapid harm to vital organs through oxygen starvation.

Responsibilities & Requirements

The Residential Tenancies Act (1997) section (68) states the following “A landlord must ensure that the rented premises are maintained in good repair.” This includes gas appliances provided by the landlord.

Energy Safe Victoria states “Failure to ensure gas and electric appliances are properly installed or correctly maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions could not only potentially kill or harm the tenants, but could cause significant property damage and expose the landlord to civil liability and potentially costly litigation. There might also be unintended impacts on the landlord’s insurance if injury or damage is found to have been caused by poorly serviced or unsafe appliances.

The landlord and agent should ensure safety checks are done at rented premises at agreed intervals, which Energy Safe Victoria recommends should be once every two years. Managing agents could have legal exposures if they do not proactively warn landlords of the possible consequences of inadequate maintenance.

Energy Safe Victoria recommends that space heaters and water heaters be serviced every two years, while cookers should be maintained as needed.

What We Offer

Detector Inspector Gas Services guarantee that each job will be completed in compliance with the Australian Standards to ensure the upmost professional and technical standards.

Our carbon monoxide checks follows Energy Safe Victoria’s extensive testing procedures and guidelines. Fact sheet 38

All services will be completed by fully licensed gas fitters.

Our gas fitters are experienced and have competency in a broad range of brands and appliances.

Our carbon monoxide testing equipment prints on the spot receipts with the results from each gas appliance serviced.

Offering 12 month warranty on our Unlimited and Limited Maintenance Packages.