Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week is recognised annually in the first week of May to spread awareness about the toxic effects of carbon monoxide leaks within the home. The initiative was kickstarted by the Chase and Tyler Foundation, who have been integral in spreading this important message throughout the community.

In 2010, Chase and Tyler Robinson died from carbon monoxide poisoning from an unserviced gas heater in their rental property. They were only eight and six years old. The Chase and Tyler Foundation was soon after established to reduce the number of deaths and injuries in Australia caused by carbon monoxide.

As winter soon approaches, so too begins the start of the heating season. Families all over Australia will begin switching on their old, unserviced gas heaters- the most common emitter of carbon monoxide. Being odourless, tasteless and toxic, carbon monoxide is often only detected upon the onset of symptoms. This can include headaches, nausea, dizziness, a loss of consciousness, and sometimes a quick death.

To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, every business and household should have their gas appliances checked annually by a licensed gas fitter. The Detector Inspector team of licensed gas fitters have experience in a broad range of brands and appliances and can test for minute levels of carbon monoxide. Our testing equipment prints on the spot receipts with the results of each gas appliance serviced.

In light of Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, we suggest all households should get their gas appliances checked.

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