New technology is continuously emerging all around us and we at Detector Inspector keep one eye on the digital landscape, seeking ways to continually advance our capabilities and service offering.

As of July this year all technicians have been equipped with Samsung Galaxy tablets complete with custom designed and purpose built software, created specifically with smoke detector maintenance in mind. Our technicians are now able capture and store even more information while on-site, including the location of all smoke detectors, label and expiry date information and photos of the detectors. The service process is streamlined with all critical service data delivered back to our head office and added to a comprehensive smoke detector photo database, in real-time.

The quality of our smoke alarm services is further ensured through an approval system which monitors new service data and compares it to historical data for a given property. Should a discrepancy occur the technician will be immediately notified and an approval code required to complete the service.

What does stage two look like?

The adoption of tablets affords us some serious efficiency and quality control gains but stage two is all about you – property managers and landlords. We’re currently developing a comprehensive agents portal where you as a property manager will be able to to view all information and photos pertaining to the smoke detectors at all properties you are responsible for, and in turn provide landlords with access via a secure link. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as we move closer to a launch date.

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