At Detector Inspector, we pride ourselves on the ability to utilise modern technology to advance our systems, enhance our client’s experience and importantly, improve the fire safety of the homes and buildings we look after. So we wanted to show off our love for new technology and we thought there was no better way than use one of the ‘hottest’ pieces of technology currently available – Virtual Reality, otherwise known as VR.

At a recent Stockdale and Lego Trade Fair, Detector Inspector designed an interactive VR game that promoted fire safety in the home. Participants were given a pair of VR goggles and were instantly transported to a 360 degree virtual lounge room. From there, they had the task of spotting as many fire hazards as quick as possible.

The game was an absolute hit with everyone at the conference. For many, it was their first experience using VR, so automatically became a memorable one. And for everyone else, it provided a fun and entertaining way to learn about fire safety in the home.

Apart from the educational purpose of the game, it was a great way to discuss how Detector Inspector is leading its field in the technology game. Whether it be the advanced online portal, the SMS reminder service, the use of iPads by all technicians or the custom database system that integrates with all leading real estate systems – it is clear that Detector Inspector’s advanced systems are unmatched by its competitors.

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