Detector Inspector is an essential safety service and the demand for our services is a legislated requirement in most states. In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) currently sweeping Australia and the rest of the world, we are carrying out our work in as safe a manner as possible, taking extra precautions in line with recommendations made by the Australian Government and the World Health Organisation (WHO) to mitigate any risks to our staff, customers, tenants and members of the community.

We are continually reviewing our procedures as new information is released by the relevant authorities.

Changes to our services: what it means for tenants, landlords and agents

Keeping you and your landlords protected while making tenants’ homes safer is our priority, especially if more people are required to stay at home due to COVID-19 restrictions. Legislative requirements still apply and as such it is our responsibility to continue providing services. Our technicians visit thousands of properties across Australia every day, and with the volume of COVID-19 cases increasing, we are taking a pro-active approach to adapt to the changing environment. Changes to our services are as follows:

  • All technicians have been asked to wear a P2 face mask (or equivalent) and a pair of clean gloves when attending a property or entering a real estate agency to collect keys
  • We have provided alcohol wipes to all technicians to wipe the interior of their vehicles and any surfaces they may have touched during a job. We prefer that tenants open any doors in their property during the service so that contact is minimised
  • Occupants can request that technicians call them before arriving, allowing occupants time to leave their home during the service
  • If a tenant wishes to be present during the service, then we ask that they maintain at least two metres separation from our technicians
  • All signature functions have been removed from our mobile application to avoid unnecessary contact
  • Technicians are instructed that they must not engage in work if feeling unwell or displaying any symptoms of flu-like illness
  • Technicians have been made aware of published advice from the Australian Government and World Health Organisation
  • Agencies have been asked to notify us if their tenants are in self-isolation. Our bookings staff are asking all tenants if they are self-isolating, have returned from overseas in the past 14 days, or are feeling unwell with flu-like symptoms, prior to making a booking. If the answer is yes, we will put the property on hold. Similar communication is being sent via SMS, email and regular mail. We are equally concerned for the safety of technicians and tenants.

If you’re one of our valued clients, we ask that you kindly notify our office immediately should you become aware that a tenant on our service is self-isolating due to actual or suspected COVID-19 so that we can put this property on hold and avoid our technicians attending.

If you have a scheduled meeting to discuss our solutions about the latest legislation changes, and you prefer to have this meeting via Zoom, Skype or Teleconference please let your Account Manager know and they will get in touch with you accordingly.

We appreciate that this is a community effort. Now more than ever we need to support one another as we navigate this moment together.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via 1300 134 563 or

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