Each Saturday, we post a fire prevention safety tip on our Facebook under the tagline of #SafetyTip. In case you have missed any, here is a compilation of our best safety tips that we have given over the past few months.

  • ALWAYS REMEMBER TO EMPTY YOUR LINT TRAY IN YOUR DRYER: Lint builds up in a dryer, and being extremely flammable, is a serious fire hazard if left to accumulate!
  • KEEP YOUR BBQ AT LEAST 1 METRE FROM FENCES, SHEDS AND WALLS: We are right in the heart of BBQ season so it’s super important to maintain fire safety around this heat producing summer essential.
  • CHARGE ELECTRONIC DEVICES IN OPEN SPACES WITH LOTS OF AIRFLOW: Charging your phone or laptop creates a lot of heat, so a fire can start if left in a confined space or on top of flammable materials, such as a bed or underneath a pile of clothes. Always charge your devices on a table or desk, and ensure there is lots of air flow.
  • TURN ON YOUR ELECTRIC BLANKET 30 MINUTES BEFORE BED TO AVOID FALLING ASLEEP WITH IT ON: If you switch on your electric blanket before bedtime, you can turn it off once you get into bed. This will help you avoid falling to sleep with the blanket on, which can be a serious fire hazard.

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