No one wants to spoil the holiday season, but Christmas trees in the home can be a serious fire danger.
Follow these top 5 Christmas Fire Safety Tips and you’ll stay safe this festive season
1.Take Care With Fairy Lights!

When connecting your fairy lights, use no more than three sets of lights per power board. Even if a power board has four or more outlets, stick to a maximum of three!
Don’t connect more than three strands of mini-string sets and a maximum of 50 bulbs for screw-in bulbs.
The safest lights to use are LED Christmas Lights as they do not get hot and use less power.
And remember – always turn off your tree light before going to bed or leaving the house!
2. Choose The Right Spot For Your Tree 
When choosing the location of your tree, it’s important to place your tree as far away as possible from any heat source. This includes highly flammable items, such as incense sticks or candles.
If using lights, then make sure electric cords are completely uncoiled and are not placed under rugs or mats. 
3. Look After Your Tree 
When choosing a tree, look for one that is fresh and has green needles that don’t fall out. 
Brownish needles mean the tree is dried out and more prone to catch fire. Always remember to water the tree at the base to stop the leaves drying out and remove lights once they show signs of drying.
Get rid of your tree when its needles start dropping. It means the tree is drying out! 
4. Take Care of Surrounding Area 
Take care with candles, incense sticks and oil burners. Always make sure they are kept away from flammable items such as curtains and that they cannot be knocked over. 
And remember – always keep matches, candles and lighters away from infants and small children. 
5. Check Your Smoke Alarms! 
It would be remiss of us not to mention the most critical fire safety tip of them all – ensure you have working smoke alarms! 
If your Christmas tree catches on fire, it can generate a lot of heat quickly and spread to the rest of the house!
Follow these 5 tips and you’ll have a fire-safe Christmas!