Here are the facts, without a working smoke alarm:

  • Risk of property loss and damage is 57% higher
  • Tenants are 26% more likely to suffer serious injuries
  • Tenants are 4x more likely to die

A smoke alarm gives an early warning sign of a fire and allows a safe escape from the premises. But even this simple household device needs to be properly maintained.

All state fire services recommend household smoke alarms be fully checked and tested at least once a year. Detector Inspector technicians provide a comprehensive checking system which includes smoke and siren testing, battery replacement and alarm position in accordance with Australian Standards AS 3786-1993 and Building Code Regulations. This provides occupants the best protection against fire.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a landlord, don’t risk human life because of an improper smoke alarm check.

Have your smoke-detectors checked annually and take the heat off yourself.

*Statistics retrieved from The Melbourne Fire Brigade