If you have a range of electrical gadgets in your lounge, bedroom or bathroom remember that overloading cheap power boards is a recipe for disaster. In 2015, there were over 450 fires caused by faulty electrical appliances in Melbourne alone, making it one of the leading causes of household fires.

Steve Attard, a fire investigator for the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, described the problem as “an issue of people being too trusting and too reliant on electrical devices”. In part, Mr Attard was describing the way many people leave their mobile phones or laptops charging unattended in hazardous places, such as on clothes, beds or rugs.

This problem is further exacerbated through the use of power boards, which allow multiple devices to be plugged into a single socket. Contrary to most beliefs, power boards are usually designed for temporary rather than permanent installation.

Moreover, often these power boards ‘piggybacked’ on top of other power boards, further overloading the electrical supply. When these power boards are cheaply designed they may malfunction due to excessive electrical demands, causing them to overheat and start a fire.

At Detector Inspector, we believe in promoting fire safety at the workplace and in the home. We recommend that everybody refrain from overloading or ‘piggybacking’ their power boards, keeps their electrical cords tidy and out of reach from flammable materials.

If you need more power outlets permanently, hire a qualified electrician to install them.