A recent report from Residential Property Manager is a real cause for alarm as far as smoke alarm compliance is concerned.

Statistics have not only revealed that one third of Property Manager properties across Australia are non-compliant with relevant legislation but also that the issue is a growing one, with the rate of non-compliant agent-managed properties increasing since 2010.

This is particularly concerning when combined with figures indicating that “48 per cent of properties managed by real estate agencies nationally require at least one of their smoke alarms to be replaced, and 35 per cent have no working smoke alarms installed.”

What does all this mean? With a lack of smoke alarm testing and servicing it means homes are at risk, tenants lives are at risk and agencies, property managers and landlords may all be at risk of potential litigation in the event of a fire.

Domain Property Advocates director Melanie Dennis understand the importance of smoke detector compliance and engages our team at Detector Inspector to protect their landlords and the company from liability through professional smoke alarm maintenance services. “We utilise the service of Detector Inspector, who routinely inspects all of our rental properties, ensuring the smoke detectors are working and replace them on the spot if they are not.””

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