They may not be Toyotas, but it’s still a great feeling!

There’s a new fleet in town, and it comes with a message of fire safety. The team at Detector Inspector is pleased to announce the recent update of our company fleet of Hyundia i20 vehicles. In fact, as the image shows, Director Jordan Kagan Gescheit was literally ‘jumping for joy’ Toyota style when the first of the lot arrived back on site. “They may not be Toyotas, but we’re nuts about fire safety and it’s still a great feeling,” Jordan said with a smile.

The new vehicle skin aesthetic sports the trademark Detector Inspector logo and graphics featuring a smoke alarm and flames. There’s no denying that the move to a branded fleet of technician vehicles will work to increase the visibility of the Detector Inspector brand and our smoke alarm services at the ground level. However, it is also the hope of our Directors Jordan Kagan Gescheit and Jason Radolnik that the new look fleet will serve as a constant presence and ongoing reminder of home fire safety for the general public, and the need to ensure proper smoke detector maintenance.

We look forward to seeing you all on the road!

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