Ask someone to test a smoke alarm, and chances are they’ll tell you to press the ‘test’ button on the alarm. But this could be one of the more dangerous myths people believe.

Pressing the ‘test’ button only tests if the sound of the alarm is working; it has nothing to do with whether the device can actually detect smoke. Every smoke alarm contains 3 main elements – a smoke detection mechanism, a sounding alarm and battery power source. Pressing the ‘test’ button will only test 2 out these 3 elements. Conducting a smoke test is the only way to make sure all 3 elements are working properly.

Moreover, many fire alarm manuals expressly discourage using an open flame near the device. This eliminates the idea of lighting a match and holding it near the alarm. Instead, all Detector Inspector technicians use UL-rated cans of smoke for their tests.

Every smoke alarm inspected by a Detector Inspector technician is placed through a rigorous testing process. This involves replacing the batteries with 9V Duracell Professional Alkaline Batteries, a decibel test AND a smoke test. Only by testing all 3 elements of a smoke alarm, can we ensure the device will operate properly during a fire.

A false sense of security is no way to protect a home and family. Let Detector Inspector manage the fire safety in your property.