Being busy isn’t a crime.

Even when you neglect certain things, it’s still not a crime. You might be upset at yourself for forgetting someone’s birthday or someone might be upset at you for forgetting to pick up onions on the way home from work.

But if you start forgetting certain life admin tasks, things can start to spiral and next thing you know, life becomes too much and you don’t know how to cope with everything.

We’re here to help you out with an important aspect of life admin. It’s called fire safety and it’s REAL – even in winter!

Close call with a house fire because you accidentally left the stove on? Research undertaken by Victoria’s Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) showed that the four most common causes of house fires in 2015 were unattended cooking, unattended heating, smoking, and faulty appliances.

Winter is coming and the wood fires are starting and the electric blankets are being brought out. So let’s review your home fire safety procedures. According to Fire and Rescue NSW, 43% of all fire fatalities happen in winter.

That’s some seriously scary statistics. MFB and Fire and Rescue NSW figures show that: 45% of house fires start in the kitchen 9% start in the bedroom 5% start in the lounge room 4% start in the laundry. So what are you going to do to protect your family home?

You can start by giving Detector Inspector a call. Like we said, life admin, can sometimes be forgotten when we have too much on our plate. But this is something you can’t afford to forget. Let’s break it down.

In just 60 seconds, a house fire can escalate to the point where it’s already giving off toxic smoke. In 3 minutes, a house fire can reach over 800 degrees Celsius and burned everything in the room it started in and spread to the other rooms of your home.

So as we said before… what are you going to do about your home’s safety this winter?

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